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Shuling began her wine journey as a child in a small village in China in the 1980’s, where farming and making rice wine with her grandfather were Shuling’s most joyful activities.  Mentored by her grandfather, she learned a magnificent lesson:  that a beautiful wine comes from great ingredients, great skill, and a loving warm soul.  Shuling enjoys great wines and had always wanted to make great wines for others, and so when the opportunity to do so arrived in 2019, Shuling and her husband, Brad, joyfully founded the Million Dollar Wine Club.

Please accept our sincere invitation to join us, to enjoy terrific wines, to celebrate life, to achieve more success, and to make a positive difference to many others!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a classic boutique wine club with limited edition high quality wines made from top quality sustainably farmed vineyards by an elite team in Napa Valley, California. Our greatest desire is for this wine club to bring great people together, enjoying great wines, and making a positive difference to our community.