The name of our club – the Million Dollar Wine Club – was inspired by Shuling and Brad’s vision to raise one million dollars to support the great work being done through selected nonprofit organizations and life transformation leaders who are making a positive difference to the world and bringing positive change to the lives of many. We chose to include the butterfly on our labels to represent these activities as nature’s beautiful embodiment of positive transformation.


With our customers’ tremendous support, we will raise one million dollars in five years!


Our Cause: The Steel Rose Project

The moment Founders Shuling and Brad decided to start their wine business, they made a promise to themselves:  that they are going to do what they love, do it exceptionally well, and do it for a purpose greater than themselves!

In June of 2020, founder Shuling, along with four other heart centered female leaders, initiated the ‘Steel Rose’ project with a mission to mentor young females from around the globe to survive their life challenges and to thrive in any circumstances with love and wisdom.  The Million Dollar Wine Club is committed to maximum support for the Steel Rose Project, and plans to continually cultivate and strengthen this cause going forward.

The Steel Rose Project is planned to officially launch on October 26th, 2020.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about the Steel Rose Project, or support this cause by joining one of our wine clubs.  With love and joy, we invite you to join the Million Dollar Wine Club and be a part of making a difference for our future generations.  Thank you!  ~  from Founder Shuling

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